Hi, my name is Christian Martine.

At Facebook, I help build products that protect our Community by ensuring trustworthy experience. My experience has varied from optimizing operational programs, establishing external partnerships, and leading product solutions that serve the people who use Facebook. Before joining Facebook, I received a dual-degree in Business Administration and Politics from Washington and Lee University. Away from the office, I love to fly planes, build things, and explore my new home here in the Bay Area.

I’m driven by the idea of solving meaningful problems permanently.

Christian Martine - March 2016

I believe that well-crafted policy matched with the right technology can level much of the world’s inequities. Concretely, making technology more accessible – more affordable – can drive a revolution to help people live happier and healthier lives. There are more than 7 billion minds on the planet – more than 2.5 trillion hours of human brain power a year. The greatest challenge of our time is unlocking this potential to make the world a better place to live.

Let’s move fast!

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