Hi, my name is Christian Martine,

A native West Virginian living in Austin, Texas. I love flying planes, building things, and enjoying home in Austin. The purpose of this site is to share a bit about myself and offer an easy way to reach out to me.

What I’ve set out to do in life

My vision for my life is to solve meaningful problems permanently.

Christian Martine - March 2016

I believe that policy, technology, and business can begin to level the world’s inequities, but that advances in technology have the ability to be a master leveler. The best argument for how to solve a problem is to make things. Let’s make those services more accessible, higher quality, and less expensive. When we give people the right technology, they can live healthier and happier lives.

At Facebook, I work with teams of people who protect you while you connect with people around the world. When connections are safe and fair, more connections are made, more problems are solved, and more lives are changed.

There are more than 7 billion minds on the planet – more than 2.5 trillion hours of human brain power a year. There is so much opportunity for us all to help people around the world. The ingredients – people, time, and resources – are here, ready. The greatest challenge of our time is to make sure we mix those ingredients effectively and with urgency.

Let’s move fast!

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